Customised event registration process

The first step in getting attendees into your event is to get them registered. We make sure the whole process from the landing page, registration form and registration follow-up emails match your brand and tone of voice for a seamless user experience.

You have complete control of how the process works, with the ability to have direct access or vetting included in the registration flow.

Feature-packed booths

Booths are packed with features that your visitors can interact with. You can personalize your booth with branded banners, documents, as well as play videos to bring your booth to life.

Personalized booth space


Company representatives

Exhibitor company description



Social media links

Contact us and other personalized links


Crm api

Fully integrated event platform

Lobby navigation

Once logged in you can navigate between the different tabs to interact with exhibitors, chat via text, voice or video or attend thought

Exhibition floor

All exhibitors and sponsors can be listed by different floor names per the organiser’s preference. This can be by category, exhibitor type, alphabetical etc.

Exhibitor index

On the right-hand side of the platform view, the exhibitor index lists all participating companies along with the assigned category.

Category listing

All companies will be listed in the respective category. Simply click on the logo to visit the booth. Categories are set based on the Organiser preference.

Search bar

Allows users to search by company name, category, country. You can also search for specific keywords to view videos and documents presented by exhibiting companies. The platform allows for all collateral to be tagged allowing search results to be as complete as possible.