Trade shows, exhibition and Conferences

NextV offers the perfect mix of commercial as well as content management solutions. The platform and event environment has been designed to be able to give branding opportunities as well as full analytics to make lead classification clear and to the point. We have also spent significant time on developing an agenda solution that allows you to have multiple content tracks to make your thought Leadership sessions truly stand out.

Land based event and looking for a virtual solution? NextV will bring your expo and or conference to the next level! Contact us here to find out how

Educational solution

With the ability to host Documents, Videos and Live Webinars, the NextV platform solution is a clear solution for brands looking to host their collateral and online courses in one house at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Booths lend themselves to becoming micro classrooms, language desks for support as well as topic based areas.Using NextV as the home for your education centres can allow you to drive mktg campaigns focused on Lead acquisition as well as nurture your current client base and retain clients with new tools and insights.

Knowledge is power, NextV is your tool to connect. Contact our team of specialists today.

Product launches

Do you have something big to announce? Be it a new productoffering, rebrand, or solutions / service, NextV will give you a platform to not only highlight your news but also promote your complete product range with each booth being able to present a specific product, link to whitepapers and promotional videos. NextV will literally morph into your Virtual office or shop for the day!

Property showcase & real estate events

NextV can solve all your open house needs virtually by hosting 3D renders of your projects and developments, allowing potential buyers to navigate and view builds. The platform can support your properties promotional material, videos as well as give visitors a fully immersive experience.

Let us open the doors for you with our Property Event Solutions. Contact Us.